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It is standing ovation for honor fight with real swords of Uruma

Uruma-shi called bullfighting kingdom.
Aficionados of the prefecture gather and give meeting to decide Okinawa one a hot cheer.

It is Uruma-shi to be known as "town where bullfighting is the most prosperous" in Okinawa. There are a lot of "bullfighting" and people who remember "Spain" when we hear, but "bullfighting" in Japan is competition to let cows which left instinct to fight not cow fighting against person like Spain fight. Conflict of cow and cow which there is more than 1 ton in weight developed in circular bullring. It is game of force that feeling that totally watches martial art can taste. Bullfighting is called "ushiorase" in Okinawa and is got close as public amusement.

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The history of bullfighting

Derivation of bullfighting in Okinawa is not sure,
It is confirmed by newspaper article at the time late in at least Meiji to have been performed.

Sugar manufacture work delays for craze for bullfighting, and record that there was village where prefecture set sail for instruction remains. Meeting is reopened after interruption in 1947 by war and produces a lot of star cows afterward, and television transmission is done at one time and will acquire wide fan. By diversification of leisure, rearranging of bullring accompanied with progress of urbanization, popularity like 1:00 disappeared, but it is performed as nucleus of festival of Okinawa Island Middle District even now and settles as traditional entertainment afterwards.

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The skill of bullfighting

Kind of the skill is next five moves basically.

Unless is rarely connected directly with victory or defeat other than the stomach collecting, and compound, and let partner be tired by repeating, and stagger, and can let flight; "carry on the shoulder advance" "knock down", and there is nadono bold move.

Overwhelm partner with all power linearly from the front. It is rare to be decided to undergo game only by push, and there are many ends by stomach collecting which continues after having broken posture.
Wally, luck
Drive corner at the middle of the forehead of partner. When the strong skill that the weight was carried on is decided, it is considerably power and can let partner flight without pausing.
You hang the corner, and bend neck of partner. It is the skill to be given best and, as for nearly 90 degrees, neck of partner turns and may have turned to ceiling.
Stomach collecting
The skill to attack flank at a stretch for chance of partner. It is agile to be good at this skill, and the whole body has spring, and it is often star cow by type that instantaneous power is rich in.
We keep and are crowded
The skill to sprinkle the weight to partner. We often do it for defense purpose to avoid burglary and credit of partner.
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Meeting schedule

We can download schedule, the details of each meeting by PDF data.

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Meeting schedule downloading (PDF)

Ishikawa multi-purpose dome (2298-1, Ishikawa, Uruma-shi)

"Ishikawa, Uruma-shi multi-purpose dome" completed in May, 2007 is known as prefecture's first dome type bullring, and approximately 20 times a year of bullfighting meetings are held including "all of the islands bullfighting meeting" of the prefecture that Okinawa bullfighting association federation hosts's greatest scale.
"Collaboration of bullfighting and EISA" and traditional arts of Uruma-shi are used now as event site except bullfighting including "party of dragon King".

Photograph 1 of Ishikawa multi-purpose dome
Photograph 2 of Ishikawa multi-purpose dome

Dome type bullring only in Okinawa
"Ishikawa, Uruma-shi multi-purpose dome"

Photograph 3 of Ishikawa multi-purpose dome

Agena bullring (1076, Agena, Uruma-shi)

Okinawa eminent large bullring in Hiroshi Park in Agena. Because was used for all of the islands bullfighting meet venue that Okinawa bullfighting association federation hosted, and dome type bullring "Ishikawa, Uruma-shi multi-purpose Dome" prefecture's first in Ishikawa District of the city was completed now once, bullfighting meeting in "Agena bullring" of 1-2 times a year become held.

Agena bullring 1
Agena bullring 2

"Agena bullring"

Agena bullring 3


Sachie Kudaka

Bullfighting photograph which bullfighting girl takes

Sachie Kudaka (bullfighting photographer)

As we were born in bullfighting family who brought up cow in families, we took care of cow since it was small. We thought that photograph was influence of favorite father, but father bought camera when we said that we wanted to take the debut match of own cow by oneself. Father took out photograph which we took in the developing and printed. It is different from thing which father took when we see finished photograph. We asked father what was not good and learned how to take picture of and came to be asked for shooting by other people soon.
 Women watching a game of bullfighting increase recently. Everybody says that figure fighting seriously is cool. Through photograph, not only coolness but also part which is not seen in bullring such as contact with gentleness, person and cow of cow wants to introduce.

Bullfighting closer

Taishi Iha (bullfighting live broadcast announcer)

Taishi Iha (bullfighting live broadcast announcer)

We will do live broadcast of game by request of bullfighting association federation triggered by radio program of bullfighting. Because we cannot rehearse live broadcast, we prepare for military service, characteristic, basic information about cow including the skill good at beforehand, and besides fruit is with commentary about introduction and the skill of cow at the time of game.
We made clothes based on design which had we thought that "wide -" wanted to make hero concerned with bullfighting, and younger student of comic artist choice describe. As children call out well, we think that there was worth that was under own pocket. In commercial and industrial meeting of Uruma-shi, we will examine various plans about bullfighting as well as game of bullfighting in future. Please expect.

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